January 7, 2017


by: shelwen elliott


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Choosing the Right B2B Marketing Agency

It’s no secret that digital exposure matters more with every passing year.

Research on the “digital advantage” clearly advises us that investment in your online presence is money well spent, but with the decision of agency instead of in-house made, how can you subsequently choose the right digital marketing agency to suit your needs?

You’ll benefit from relying on the same sound research you would when reviewing the value of any company for a product or service. When it comes to making the most of your budget for a digital marketing agency, however, there are a few key specifics that will help ensure you get the most out of your investment.

B2B Marketing Services

The term digital marketing is more than a little broad. While we are all aware of the main areas of work performed by such companies (LinkedIn campaignscontent marketingweb design and so on), agencies will invariably develop a focus or competency for a certain area of work.

Just as a copywriter may specialise in medical or technical writing, agencies may be best suited working with clients whose goals for the coming quarters are specific, such as developing their digital authority and reach towards prospective customers in B2B. A B2B marketing agency based in Berkshire isn’t instantly a great prospect just because it’s situated nearby – you’ll need to dig deeper!

The good news is that this should be apparent from a simple review of the agency’s website and portfolio. If you’re seeing repeated examples of a certain type of work and scant indications of any other success stories, you’ll want to either look elsewhere or challenge the agency to provide satisfactory examples.

Full-Service B2B Agency or Part-Time Collaboration?

If you need to choose a B2B marketing agency for a very involved and nuanced campaign, it might benefit you to consider an agency nearby that is open to face-to-face meetings on a regular basis. As a marketing agency based in Berkshire we have the added benefit of being central to most of our clients’ locations. It’s an arrangement that works for all the companies we do business with.

If you are happy to trust an agency to work more autonomously, you can afford to widen your search to make finding the perfect fit easier for you. When going down this path, be sure to be explicit in your qualifying questions to the agency in regards to their available resources and experience in taking the lion’s share of the work.

Measuring Your B2B Marketing Agency

Let’s say you’ve done your research and chosen a marketing agency with a particularly attractive website and feature set. Terms are negotiated and pricing agreed. But what about the detail? Setting performance targets and return-on-investment goals is essential as it helps your new agency to drive their efforts and have something to work towards..

This is not to claim that agencies are inherently dishonest or lazy without targets being set. Whether it’s a digital marketing agency in Berkshire or the other side of the world, the company must survive in a highly competitive and often saturated market, ensuring that only the best flourish over time.

So the takeaway is simply. Do the correct due diligence to ensure your marketing agency is able to provide the specific services you require, assess their past performance before signing any paperwork, and monitor the ongoing performance of your new marketing campaigns closely to keep them delivering month after month.