June 19, 2019


by: tim woodley


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Here’s How Our LinkedIn Marketing Services Have Helped B2B Companies Grow

Companies of all shapes and sizes benefit from working with us, but the ones with the most potential for growth are businesses-to-business (B2B) services, software, technology, aerospace and defence companies.

In this article, I’ll explain why.

What types of B2B companies benefit from our LinkedIn marketing services?

Since QliQ was formed in 2012 on one sunny day in Newbury, we’ve been fortunate to work with hundreds of organisations of varying size and sector. Although we’ve developed something of a specialism which I’ll describe in this article, it’s this breadth of experience that makes us so effective at applying a wide marketing toolkit appropriately to the needs of each client – whatever they may do or offer.

In this vein, I believe it’s better to be frank: while we can help just about any company grow and expand its presence, some will benefit from our expertise more than others. In our experience, those companies tend to be B2B (Business 2 Business) oriented.

B2B companies we’re best suited to growing

 A few characteristics, then, of B2B businesses we tend to achieve particularly positive results for.

  • Operates in B2B technology, SaaS, defence or services: These kinds of companies benefit highly from our experience within their niche. This goes hand-in-hand with our emphasis and skill on areas of digital marketing that compliment LinkedIn, including content marketing, Pay Per Click and remarketing – all activities that apply excellently to their offerings.
  • Provides high-ticket or recurring revenue products or services: Our talent in reaching high-value decision makers using our LinkedIn Growth Framework lends itself well to companies that seek high-ticket and recurring business.
  • Has prospects that are actively using LinkedIn: LinkedIn is an important channel for us to work in, and any company that has prospects that use it frequently is one we can help grow.
  • Is confident they have a clear, enticing value proposition: Our talent for defining audiences and connecting them to a company is made better if the company knows exactly what they’re about and what their value is.
  • Has an established in-house or team-managed sales process: If appropriate, we’re able to grow and expand sales pipelines very quickly; we find we partner best with companies that have sales teams that can take on a swift increase in prospects without being overloaded.

The power of our LinkedIn marketing services

Here’s an interesting fact: 47% of C-suite executives say they shared contact information after reading thought leadership content on LinkedIn.

Our LinkedIn marketing services can provide dramatic improvements to your company’s growth. There are five key elements to this:

  1. Define your ideal customer profile and determine if they actively use LinkedIn
  2. Optimise your company and staff profiles to align with your sales goals
  3. Create a LinkedIn outreach programme to target your ideal customer profile at scale, communicating with them using customised InMail (messages on LinkedIn)
  4. Create a LinkedIn Ads strategy to reinforce the messages we send during the outreach phase
  5. Convert as many of your potential buyers into customers using a structured framework that can be used repeatedly

Take a look at our LinkedIn marketing case studies

Since 2012 we’ve worked with a whole raft of organisations, some unknown and some household names. From SME to enterprise, companies of all sizes trust us to deliver honest, results-driven LinkedIn marketing campaigns that help them grow.

Some of our enterprise clients include Bupa, Boots, Pearson Publishing, VM Ware and Fujitsu. Some of our SME clients include Royale Refrigeration, Dods Group, See Brilliance and Pixelnebula.

What should you do now?

If you’d like to learn how we can help your business, book a free discovery call. We’ll delve into your business to understand your goals and challenges and look for ways we make growth happen on your terms.

The discovery call is totally without obligation, and there will be no high-pressure sales tactics from our side – that’s not our style!