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Marketing Agency Newbury – Employ A Company With Accolades

Marketing agency Newbury – is this something you are looking for? Although Newbury is only a small historic town in the west of Berkshire, it’s a great location for setting up a business, whether it’s a brick-and-mortar store or a small business run from your own living room. However large or small your company is, one of the most important elements for succeeding in business nowadays is by gaining exposure through online advertising. While researching local marketing agency Berkshire companies to employ, it’s well worth seeking out experts in this. One prime indicator is if the team you’re thinking of hiring has earned the Google Partner accolade.

But what on earth is the Google Partner accolade and what makes it so valuable to you as an agency client? In short, it’s only awarded after demonstrable success. As a member of the Google Partners programme, the marketing agency in question must have at least one team member certified in using AdWords (an advertising service developed by Google) to an advanced level. The business, be it a marketing agency in Newbury or in Newcastle – must also prove positive performance by delivering solid overall ad revenue and growth, and continually growing and maintaining their customer base. Additionally, it must demonstrate generation of a healthy amount of financial activity, both going into marketing campaigns, and coming in from previous completed work. Marketing agencies Berkshire and beyond that can demonstrate this are genuinely generating profits for their client businesses.

QliQ is one of the best marketing agencies Newbury wide, and an official Google Partner. For the past five years, we’ve been delivering strong results with our carefully curated and bespoke marketing campaigns. Why not let us work our magic on your business? Check out our user-friendly website at and fill out our contact form to get involved. If you prefer to talk over the phone, call us up! Our Newbury number is 01635 800868, or to speak to our Reading team, call 0118 324 7770.