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Headlines are awash with stories of targeted advertising. Phones seem to listen to us as we shop, and our Facebook feeds are flooded with curiously creepy ads that seem to know what’s on our mind as we browse so mindlessly!

B2B companies are fortunate to have a wide range of channels available for advertising and reaching their audiences. This is a benefit and a curse!

Pay Per Click continues to evolve. Advances in the targeting of ads combined with improvements to campaign management have meant that campaigns are becoming ultra relevant, even in a business to business scenario.

By drafting the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in January of 2012, the European Commission opened the floor for four years of intense debate on the practicality and interpretation of the new regulation.

Amidst the turbulence within the EU of late, a critical piece of legislation has arisen that threatens conventional marketing practices as we know them.

Lead generation sits at the heart of many of our customers’ marketing strategies. The need for leads is what drives their sales and marketing funnel which, ultimately, is the foundation of their business growth.