April 12, 2017


by: shelwen elliott


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Network Marketing for Berkshire B2B Businesses

It’s no secret that networking is a key to successful and sustained business.

Whether it’s an informal ‘meet and greet with drinks’ or a structured networking group, the potential for referrals and new business purely from networking is significant.

Berkshire’s thriving business borough is abundant with network marketing opportunities. If expanding your client base is a key objective for the coming months, you’ll do well to consider attending some of the many events across the area.

BNI Berkshire

While business networking can often be quite social or ‘soft’ in its process, a strong contact group is established and maintained purely for the process of exchanging referrals of business.

It’s certainly a practical and highly efficient in terms of time, and several strong contact groups exist when it comes to network marketing in Berkshire. Long standing groups within the Berkshire community include the regional branch of Business Network International who host successful BNI meetings at regular intervals across the county.

First Friday Club

Sole attendance of group events serves its purpose, but it’s certainly not the only option for network marketing in the Berkshire area. Community groups tend to focus as much on issues challenging the region in terms of business, as well as acting as notice boards for opportunities in both business and training or professional development.

As you might imagine, the number of such groups is wider due to their more general purpose. A popular example of a more communal group for local network marketing is the First Friday Club where members network for free in a relaxed atmosphere in Reading’s most stylish venues.

Various Marketing Events

Outside of attending dedicated networking groups, the simplest solution to meeting both training needs and enjoying networking is by attending paid or free-of-charge events.

Your options for network marketing through events in Berkshire are aplenty. The Chartered Institute of Marketing, a long-standing pillar of the marketing community worldwide, operates an extensive list of events (both paid and free) that are fantastic for staying informed, educated and connected.

It’s clear to see the trends inherent to these groups. While it’s easy to enter the world of networking by visiting every group and attending every event within reach, value can be found in being clear with your objectives.

Are you a busy marketing director who has projects, staff and high-level clients to manage? You might find a strong contact group like BNI to be suited to your needs. Conversely, a more junior marketer can benefit tremendously from a social setting where they can informally learn from other marketers and absorb current knowledge and new trends, such as those provided by CIM.