March 23, 2017


by: shelwen elliott


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Get Smart with B2B Marketing – 3 Tools to Drive Sales

B2B marketing is infamous for changing swiftly. Staying up to date is a matter of improving your marketing strategies through regular research.

Combine this research with thorough analysis of new marketing technologies with which to drive sales. This practice gives us the ideal situation in business: mutual benefit for the customer and the seller in that marketing messages reach the right people at the right time.

It’s quite simply good business. By rewarding your potential customers with a marketing message that is timely and relevant you will provide genuine engagement and sincere value, therefore increasing customer loyalty and brand awareness.

It’s not rocket science, either! Smart marketing tools are right there for us to use, be it LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads or Remarketing.

Let’s cover a few key points on how to leverage these tools into greater sales and success.

LinkedIn Advertising and Custom Audiences

While many audiences make use of other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, LinkedIn marketing remains a dominant force in the arsenal of business to business organisations. Its powerful advertising platform provides great reach and value for money, with businesses being able to advertise to specified target lists of as little as a thousand people.

You can easily tailor your adverts to target key demographics and audiences.

You’ll need to have your audience criteria ready when creating a LinkedIn Ads campaign; targeting options include the ability to reach individuals based on their job title, work skills, the company they work for and even years of experience.

Costs may vary, but you should expect to pay around £20-30 per thousand ad views.

Advanced Google Ads Features for B2B Marketing

You’re not totally green, as the saying goes – you know Google is valuable. Taking your use of Google Ads to the next level will invariably need either significant research yourself or the hiring of professionals in that area.

Creating effective B2B ad campaigns based on refined and defined audience targeting will help you reach new customers quickly. Imagine being able to speak to prospective customers at scale based on targeting criteria such as:

  • People who visited your competitor’s website
  • People who visited your website
  • People who are currently in the market for the products you sell or the services you provide

As with many things in business, there’s no avoiding paying up for quality. Prices will vary in the advanced Google Ads market, but the value of quality a professional agency will become apparent in time should you start to use them.

Remarketing to Your B2B Audience

Ever seen that same recurring advert appear, despite you moving from your Facebook page to a separate website like YouTube? This is called remarketing – it’s an effective way to remind your target demographics of your product. Remarketing allows you to stay connected with the people who visited your website, and ideally helps to draw them back in.

Let’s say your business sells security software, and that you have a list of subjects for marketing this to. You can set up your list so that when a client visits a page relating to your product, their cookie ID is added automatically to the list and they become ready to see your remarketing ads. The best result here is that they of course click through and return to your site with an aim to buy.

The Takeaway

One of the most novel and effective ways to drive B2B marketing success is to get smart with the marketing tools and technologies you use. Our digital landscape has redefined how B2B companies reach new customers, often making it more efficient and cost effective than print marketing. Consistent use of the above pointers will ensure further marketing growth and more sales. We guarantee it.