June 29, 2017


by: shelwen elliott


Tags: B2B Marketing


Categories: Paid Search

Four Shining Examples of B2B Pay Per Click Excellence

Pay Per Click continues to evolve. Advances in the targeting of ads combined with improvements to campaign management have meant that campaigns are becoming ultra relevant, even in a business to business scenario.

With companies of all kinds utilising this marketing channel, what can we learn from the success of others? We review four case studies that demonstrate advanced PPC targeting and powerful execution.

Reaping the rewards of B2B marketing trends

Launched in 2010, Pipedrive provides a sales-oriented CRM system aimed at serving small and medium businesses. Identifying the potential for expansion into the global market, an investigation into the most appropriate marketing channels was an immediate priority.

Although the cost of their product and the logistics of its sale were simple to handle, the scaling of prospective customers to a global level posed a serious challenge to the smaller team.

Google Ads was swiftly identified to be the core of Pipedrive’s overall strategy. Research commenced, with an in-depth analysis of search trends informing the team on the most commercially viable keywords.

The development of a search strategy through the combination of their research and client acquisition data enabled Pipedrive to implement a Pay Per Click campaign which helped launched their global presence. With increases of conversion volume of 283%, and a growth figure of over 40%, the company looks to expand into additional countries in the future.

Pay Per Click optimisation for a better B2B marketing performance

BCMS has risen to be a world leader in business acquisition and sale since its launch in 1989. With a single deal typically reaching significantly high revenue figures for the company, the potential for a greater online presence and an effective Pay Per Click campaign was a business growth opportunity not to be ignored.

While other channels were worked on in pursuit of this goal, Pay Per Click led the way in giving BCMS the results it needed. In its first quarter the results showed an average lead cost of £54 for an industry performing high-priced deals.

BCMS reported negotiations and successful deals with new clients that immediately far outperformed many other channels and provided strong return-on-investment from the campaign.

But that wasn’t all; following a successful first quarter, further refinements to Pay Per Click campaign were implemented. This ongoing optimisation provide an already successful campaign with further reduced the cost per lead to £27.

Pay Per Click success in a competitive B2B sector

HourlyNerd is an innovative start-up that connects emerging talent with companies across the globe. The consulting company recruits promising students or recent graduates from a range of selected schools and allows flexible project-based consultancy to be performed.

While seeing suitable initial success, the company had a challenge when it came to paid search: the competition. Existing companies dominated the search terms, with campaigns that were far more efficient than HourlyNerd’s non-automated setup.

Google AdWords could support the company’s growth, but only with the right strategy in place…

Long-tail keywords provided a more cost-effective approach to HourlyNerd’s Pay Per Click efforts, producing high quality leads from search users that were actively looking for new ways to find work. The clever use of negative keywords also excluded irrelevant terms from their campaign, saving them over £750 per month in wasted ad clicks.

Results came quick and fast. Long-term lead value and PPC lead revenue both increased by a massive 100%, with conversion and cost per acquisitions increasing and decreasing by 50% respectively. What was previously seen as a dubious means of growth had, in the space of six months, transformed to an invaluable asset for growth and revenue.

Pay Per Click landing pages for better B2B lead generation

NCR is the global leader in consumer point-of-sale technologies, responsible for more than 550 million transactions each day. The company operates across almost every conceivable sector including financial, travel, hospitality and telecoms.

NCR wanted to grow its UK customer base and needed a plan that would generate sales-ready leads. Google AdWords was the tool for the job.

A series of search-based Pay Per Click campaigns were created to engage with users who were searching for solutions. The campaigns were targeted at individual vertical markets, with each set of ads providing specific messaging, features and benefits for that vertical.

Dedicated landing pages were designed for each campaign, featuring prominent contact forms and a call-to-action that was clear and concise.

Results were almost instant. From the first day of the campaign NCR received sales-ready leads and requests for appointments. In its first quarter, the campaign generated 2 million ad views and more than 10,000 clicks to the landing pages. This helped to convert 137 sales-ready leads, and transformed the company’s paid search efforts in a matter of weeks from non-performing to a winning formula.


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