December 1, 2019


by: tim woodley


Tags: B2B Marketing


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Five Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips

Today we’re dropping five easy-to-implement tips on how to get the most out of LinkedIn for B2B marketing and promotion. These tips are simple and don’t cost a thing, so let’s cut to it and get scrolling.

Tweak your LinkedIn profile

A solid, well structured personal LinkedIn profile is an investment of your time that’ll keep paying dividends. Just setting aside an hour or two to polish this personal resume will improve your legitimacy and showcase your capabilities.

  • Get LinkedIn recommendations: Endorsements from your peers and clients are valuable and easily requested. These use social proof to demonstrate not only your skills but your network, too – two important things people will notice when evaluating your profile. This handy guide explains how to request recommendations on LinkedIn.
  • Publish some articles and posts: Just a few articles written and posted will demonstrate your confidence, knowledge and say on matters within your field. These can be published as an article or posted as a status update. This article explains more about the different formats of content available.
  • Add your skills: We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: prospects will trawl through your profile! Whatever noteworthy skills, training and certifications you have, include it on your profile. It’ll help convince prospects of your skills and will help them match their needs to your offerings.

Tweak your LinkedIn company page

Featuring career opportunities (for a fee), status updates, a striking banner image and details about the products and services you provide on your LinkedIn company page is vitally important  another small investment of time that will boost your credibility and legitimacy.

Get involved with the LinkedIn community

There are a few more LinkedIn marketing tips and tricks you can leverage once the basics are covered.

  • Post in LinkedIn groups: Your posting history can be seen by anyone you’re connected to on LinkedIn. Promote yourself by posting and responding to posts in the groups you’ve joined. This will help to position you as a thought leader in your space and might even generate a few new clients in the process. It can also demonstrate to those crawling your profile that you’re an influencer in your line of work.
  • Respond to your connections: Your most active connections will be posting on LinkedIn as much as once or twice each day. Responding to these posts in a contructive way can be a great way to create awareness of what you do.
  • Understand your prospects: A friendly dive into a prospect’s LinkedIn profile can help you get cues that will warm up a sales call, such as recently liked content or an article about their latest achievement or product launch they’ve written.

Use LinkedIn’s community features

There are a few useful social features on LinkedIn that help professionals network and promote themselves. Joining groups will show to prospects who view your profile your involvement in your field, which suggests knowledge in your sector.

Similarly, you can create engagement through the content of other influencers by sharing their articles and providing an opinion on it in your own post. This is a smart way to build a conversation – as long as you have something worthwhile to say!

Define your LinkedIn persona

Developing a persona doesn’t have to be lengthy a project that eats up your time; it can be as simple as looking at the general type of professional you’re contacting and adapting your tone of voice to match.

For your B2B activities on LinkedIn, this means defining how you want to come across and reflecting this in any of your written activities on LinkedIn, such as the articles your write and even your profile page itself. Consistency is key.

Want to know more about LinkedIn marketing?

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