February 21, 2017


by: shelwen elliott


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Five Examples of Great B2B Digital Marketing Campaigns

It’s a common misconception that B2B marketing campaigns are dry, dull and often littered with industry jargon

This article aims to debunk that myth and prove that B2B marketing can be fun and inspirational, often providing more creative spark than you might expect.

We examine five inspiring B2B marketing campaigns that illustrate how a seemingly dull product or service can be reimagined as an exciting and desirable proposition.

InVision’s Inside Design Series

InVision is an interface prototyping platform known for its ability to help companies collaborate, communicate and create designs. While they could focus their marketing efforts on hyping their products and boasting their case studies, they take a different approach; InVision transformed their blog into a free digital resource and authority on design strategy and user experience. They eschew keyword stuffed link bait in favour of meaningful content that helps those in their industry. Visit Visit the site and see for yourself.

IBM – 60 Years in Singapore 60/60 Project

IBM is highly respected as a global leader in the tech industry, but the company’s brand doesn’t exert the same flash and appeal as brands like Google or Apple. That said, when it came to their recent 60 Years in Singapore campaign, IBM decided – in collaboration with the team at Ogilvy & Mather – to leverage their company’s history into an interactive micro-site. By pairing real stories about their past connection to Singapore with ideas, trends and projects up to 50 years in the future, they were able to engage Singaporeans and build a genuine connection.

GE – The Message

General Electric has long been a leader in skilful brand storytelling, and their recent campaign ‘The Message’ is no exception. Rather than simply trying to highlight their products, they put the emphasis on creating a truly engaging story. ‘The Message’ was a B2B campaign released in a serialised format, drawing their audience in with a whimsical tale of aliens and tech. By building suspense, they created excitement and interest in their products.

Unbounce Page Fights

Unbounce is a marketing technology specialist whose software provides marketers with the capability to build campaign websites. Unbounce’s recent B2B campaign success came under the guise Page Fights, an online TV show providing website critiques in real time. The show was hugely successful not only because it was engaging and fun, but the guest stars – namely leading experts from the digital marketing space – offered insightful feedback to those who were brave enough to submit their website to Page Fights. The output was both engaging and highly informative, and was a great way to expand beyond written content into something truly innovative and unique.

Juniper Networks: Deception Force

You’d be forgiven for thinking that data centre security software is a rather drowsy topic, but innovators Juniper Networks have overcome that stereotype by creating a mobile gaming app called Deception Force. Using this approach the company has managed to tap into their client’s love of mobile apps, free games and competitions. The game is designed to be relevant to Juniper Networks’ products and services, so the campaign has given them with valuable exposure in a defined target audience.

The Takeaway

B2B marketing campaigns needn’t be boring. The success of this type of campaign is rooted in an understanding that B2B buyers are also everyday consumers with similar purchase intent and emotion. The examples we’ve highlighted are successful because they use great content to provide an element of entertainment, education and inspiration.