June 2, 2017


by: shelwen elliott


Tags: B2B Marketing


Categories: Paid Search

B2B Lead Generation: Four Powerful Pay Per Click Strategies

A vast majority of successful B2B businesses use Pay Per Click (PPC) and paid search advertising to build on their lead generation efforts and capture the attention of potential buyers at a time when they’re most likely to buy.

Recent advancements in Pay Per Click advertising means that now is an ideal moment for businesses to take stock of this largely untapped lead generation channel. With Google remaining on the bleeding edge of advertising technology, we review four particularly potent advancements that are sure to improve your results this year.

Improved B2B Lead Generation with Remarketing

A firm favourite when it comes to capturing the attention of your prospects at different points in the buying funnel, remarketing has demonstrated its tremendous capacity for securing conversions from potential customers who would otherwise be drawn elsewhere.

Remarketing is as simple as it is ingenious; this Google Ads feature allows customisation of ad campaigns that target people who have previously visited specific pages of your website. It provides the ability to show unique ads to these individuals, sparking recognition and a renewed interest in what was searched for and viewed previously.

With incredible results being announced by the effective use of remarketing such as by Clarks shoes, it’s clear as day that remarketing provides a valuable edge in improvements to the efficiency of any sales or lead generation campaign.

Getting Smart: In-market Audience Targeting

We love a good banner ad campaign and our clients love the results!

Google has proven yet again its capability for sophisticated and granular online advertisement with in-market audiences. Simply put, it’s an intelligent ad targeting method that categorises potential customers by their recent browsing habits.

An example? Let’s say I want to buy a new piece of productively software for my business. As most do, I’ll start with a general search query. I might then look at a few specialist sites such as Capterra or G2, followed by a visit to a vendor’s website. This pattern could occur over a period of days or weeks.

My search behaviour identifies me as a prime candidate for productivity software and, using its smart system of algorithms, Google places me into a segmented audience of ‘likely business software buyers’. This makes me ripe for a targeted banner ad campaign about a new productivity software purchase.

The effective use of in-market audiences has enabled us to generate hundreds of quality leads and sales for our B2B clients, across dozens of sectors from business software and accounting to B2B software and services.

Valuable Reach with Demographic Targeting

To the surprise of many, Google wasn’t the first to offer demographic targeting. Facebook and Bing offered it first and the potential was eminently clear. Now it’s here on Google.

It does what it says on the tin. With demographic targeting, you can choose to only display your paid advertisement or search listing to certain groups. This targeting method offers filtering on criteria such as sex, age and parental status, combined with the ad type (banner ads, search ads, or a combination of both).

This has opened many doors for skilled marketing agencies which are able to accurately isolate the most profitable demographic for certain client campaigns. The reality of who searches for what can be different than you might think!

Mobile Text Message Enquiries

An exciting development in the field of Pay Per Click, this new feature is a direct result of the significant trend towards greater use of mobile devices when searching and shopping.

Thanks to this new feature, when a person sees a paid advertisement on page one of their search results page, the option to text the company in question directly appears. This is a fantastic innovation, providing an immediate and convenient method for the potential customer to request information, providing the company with hot leads in the process.

With text message lead generation available through Google Ads paid ads, it’s a safe bet that any Pay Per Click campaign worth its salt will be incorporating this new element. It’s already demonstrating the potential for exceptional conversion rates.

Google Ads Techniques from B2B Marketing Specialists

The flipside to these improvements in Pay Per Click is that you need a vast amount of knowledge and experience to make it happen. PPC has never been a simple science and not everyone gets it quite right!

The fact is that with more tools available to reach the right people at the right time, it takes a solid team to know what to use and when. Would we be biased if we said we’re that team? Of course not!

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